Arrow Feather Culture Part 2


Those who hold the "Yi Tian Jian" should be calm.

"Yi Tian Jian" is the sword of Cao Cao, a famous man in ancient China.

It is incomparably sharp and is an example of a sword.

The arrows on the eyewear' legs are extremely sharp.

As the saying goes, calm is the true king style.






"Shi Zhong Jian" is full of magic.

It is a famous sword in English legend,

which originated from the poem magician "Merlin".

"Sword in Stone" not only represents the divine right of the monarch, but also represents the moral character of a monarch.

The unique temperament of this eyewear can't match the real warrior.






"Jun Zi Jian" is full of wisdom.

A true gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement.

The legs of the eyewear are shaped like arrows,

with sharp edges and corners.

The whole body radiates bright chivalry.

It has outstanding temperament and is unparalleled in the world.






Users of the "Feng Yu Jian" should stay awake.

The design concept of this arrow is quite scientific,

and the hollow leg is more light.

But the durability will not decline.

It has great shooting power.

The person who shoots this arrow should keep sober at all times.

Because the arrow shoots as fast as lightning.

There is no turning back in the bow, and there is no turning back in life.






The "Shuang Zi Jian" represents coordinated coexistence.

It abandoned the traditional idea of casting arrows.

The eyewear legs are divided into two lengths,

which can be divided or combined.

This makes the composition method richer

and breaks the limit of length and width,

making it more aggressive and creative.






"Gou Jian" has an indomitable ambition.

Gou Jian, the king of Yue, endured hardships

and endured for several years in order to accumulate wealth.

As the saying goes, "Things are like people's names",

The legs of this eyewear are particularly tough,

superior in quality and not easy to damage.





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