Do you want to know why DeXuan,the designer and founder of the brand,
has been in love with eyewear for more than 20 years?

Teenage's dream

He was born in Wufeng, Hubei, China.
And he grew up in the remote mountains.Then he left his hometown at the age of eighteen and went to Shenzhen to find his future.

He became attached to eyewear by chance and fell in love with it madly.DeXuan made every effort to study oil painting, sculpture, etc. at the Academy of Fine Arts.Eventually, the idea of creating his own brand began to sprout.


Persistence in youth

At the age of twenty-eight,He resigned from a well-known company.The ridicule and incomprehension of others stimulated his passion for creation.He returned to nature from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

And he regained his original intention.For more than a month in the mountains, he studied hard.Finally, he created the "Arrow Feather ", the core of the brand's soul.

Story (2)

Middle aged ideal

This year is 2023, and the designer has also reached the age of thirty-eight.Because of his wife's increasing myopia, he decided to design a series of women's eyewear.Of course, the central idea of this series is still inseparable from "Chinese elements".

He draws inspiration from his wife's favorite decorations,  and draws color schemes from artifacts from the Forbidden City.In the end, he created the "Ruyi Wishful " full of romantic feeling.


Future direction

At the age of thirty-eight, he still has the same love for eyewear as before.What will he create in the future?No one could have predicted.That can only be expected.

Our life goes on.And the brand story is unfinished...
Thank you!