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Elements of Arrow Feather

“Houyi made bows and crossbows which are just like the momentum of soldiers”.
The arrow feather element comes from the designer's childhood ideal.
Arrows are weapons, but also courage.

"When a little boy holds a bow and arrow, he is fearless."
The boy from Wufeng used to chase the wind in the mountains.
Gradually, the arrow feather in his hand turned into a dream.
Therefore, the "Arrow Feather Series" was born.

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Style of Arrow Feather

Adhering to oriental design of “neat as arrow and mellow as feather”, every piece of product is purely handcrafted.

Simple shapes, clear edges, exquisite details and highly artistic lines present the unique charm of products.

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Spirit of Arrow Feather

"What the arrow points to is invincible."

No matter how strong the opponent is, the person who holds the bow should have the courage to shoot the arrow.
Even if you lose, it is honorable.
This is the spirit of Arrow Feather.

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