BB74 Plate Eyebrow Frame Titanium Eyewear

BB74 (2)

Plate Eyebrow Frame Titanium Eyewear

Eyebrow men's half-frame glasses are mainly made of pure titanium and B titanium, including acetate fiber, ceramics and other materials. The pure titanium frame has high strength and good durability. It is especially light and is also a favorite material for designers. It has a fashionable appearance And high-quality workmanship, very suitable for daily wear, modern trendy eyebrow liner glasses, suitable for people with quality of life, suitable for most occasions. This is a pair of glasses that everyone needs, be it for business or travel! The simple arrow feather design is finely polished for every detail. Good glasses must stand the test of time!

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BB74C1   Black/Pale gold

Material: Titanium/Acetel/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size: 52□18-145mm


Eyeglass frames men    Frame length: 150mm     Frame height: 43mm


BB74C2   Brown tortoiseshell/Grey

Material: Titanium/Acetel/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size: 52□18-145mm


Lightweight titanium frame    Frame length: 150mm     Frame height: 43mm


BB74C3   Grey /Transparent grey

Material: Titanium/Acetel/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size: 52□18-148mm


Clear glasses fashion     Frame length: 150mm     Frame height: 43mm


This is the spirit of the arrow, where the arrow points, it is invincible. No matter how strong the opponent is, those who hold a bow dare to shoot arrows.

The designer's earliest original abstract arrow feathers are applied to the temples of glasses, which is classic because of its simplicity. Continuous improvement of craftsmanship and details through 8 years!

Has been imitated, has never been surpassed!

Pass on Chinese culture, change the perception of traditional glasses, and make every pair of eyewear a work of art.

Arrow feathers are the most recognizable style elements, each detail is unique in shape, and the application of three-dimensional aesthetics!

The designer conveys the life attitude of "natural and pure, stick to the heart" through the arrow culture.

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