BB401 Fashionable And Exquisite Glasses Small Frame

BB401 (2)

Fashionable And Exquisite Glasses Small Frame

This is a beautiful pair of glasses, suitable for well-behaved and thin-faced girls. 1.80MM fine titanium coil wire is used, which is light and comfortable. The round shape adopts the design of the upper square and the lower circle, which is also a timeless classic! The mirror legs are designed with double arrows, and the interrupted B titanium diameter is 1.00MM extended to the thinnest, so that the elasticity and toughness can be maximized. It is more comfortable to wear, and the size can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the shape of your face. It comes with a patented rubber sleeve that will not slip when sweating. In terms of color, a new rose gold color scheme is selected to match the skin tone more perfectly.

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BB401C1  Black/Rose gold

Material:Titanium/Acetel/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size:50□19-145mm


Small frame eyeglasses     Frame length: 138mm     Frame height: 42mm


BB401C2  Black/Silver platinum

Material:Titanium/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size:50□19-145mm


Women fashion glasses      Frame length: 138mm     Frame height: 42mm


BB401C3  Blue grey/Rose gold

Material:Titanium/Beta Titanium/Ceramics  Size:50□19-145mm


Eyewear frames titanium      Frame length: 138mm     Frame height: 42mm


Arrows need to be carefully sharpened before they can pierce and embed lovers' hearts.

There are two opposite arrows on the temples of the glasses, implying two-way love.

The designer is very strict about the lines, using few lines to outline the aesthetic temples you want, and using the characteristics of titanium itself to give full play to the freedom and elasticity of the glasses.

Pass on Chinese culture, change the perception of traditional glasses, and make every pair of eyewear a work of art.

Arrow feathers are the most recognizable style elements, each detail is unique in shape, and the application of three-dimensional aesthetics!

The designer conveys the life attitude of "natural and pure, stick to the heart" through the arrow culture.

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