A4 Women’s New Titanium Frame Optical Eyewear


Women's New Titanium Frame Optical Eyewear

These are women's glasses with large round frames. The fine Ruyi pattern adds a classic beauty to the whole pair of glasses. The acetate fiber is stitched in bold three colors, and the three-dimensional effect shows the charm of girls longing for a sense of power. The frames come in a bold green and rose gold colorway. Optical frame made of pure titanium and acetate. Every detail is carefully crafted by craftsmen. The nose pads of the glasses are made of unique ceramic material, which is not easy to corrode, bright in color and high in comfort. Stylish and classic round glasses frame, suitable for modern young women, can be worn for school or work, suitable for most occasions.

$: 218   BUY

A4C1   Forest green/Rose gold

Material: Titanium/Acetel/Ceramics  Size: 51□20-145mm


Acetate eyewear    Frame length: 140mm     Frame height: 46mm


A4C2   Black brown/Silver

Material: Titanium/Acetel/Ceramics  Size: 51□20-145mm


Neutral optical glasses    Frame length: 140mm     Frame height: 46mm


Design Implication

The large round thin titanium plate frame is versatile for various face shapes.

The designer outlines the entire temple design with simple Ruyi patterns, showing the beauty of the East.

Acetate tails are spliced in 3 different colors to meet the color sensitivity that girls love.


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Inspired by Ruyi accessories, designers create Ruyi series that women love, representing comfort and elegant aesthetics

The oriental color unearthed from history, ingeniously combined with modern titanium metal, color matching through time and space, feels the high-level sense of classical aesthetics!

No matter in the field of fashion, design, art or culture, Chinese style can bring you unique experience and beauty.